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Marie’s husband told her he’d call at 7.30am. By 7.31am she knew he had died.
When Marie woke up one morning in June 2018, she immediately knew something was wrong.
Her husband Rob, who was away on a business trip, had told her he’d call at 7.30 that morning.
“I looked at the clock and it was 7:31 and I know it was only one minute but something in my heart… I just had this feeling it was so bizarre. I just felt like something had happened,” Marie Alessi told Mamamia.

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Marie Alessi Helps Find Hope And Happiness In Times Of Grief
Marie Alessi spent a decade teaching people about ‘Mindset and Personal Growth’ when her own was very much put to the test by the very sudden and unexpected death of her husband Rob. Marie’s first reaction was to close down her business to be able to focus on their two young sons (only eight and ten at the time) and allow herself some time to cope with the loss.
But what did coping look like? How was she supposed to feel; what next? Her world had been turned upside down.

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Good Grief with Cheryl Jones with Marie Alessi
Marie Alessi begun her Coaching Journey in 2011. After 10 years in advertising she started a family with the Love of her Life and ventured onto the new path of Self Development. Little did she know that these 7 years of helping and inspiring others, would be the armour to face life’s biggest adversity thrown at her. Marie unexpectedly lost her husband and father to their two boys in June 2018 to a brain aneurysm. Using her own tools and strong intuition, she designed her way back to Happiness and founded the global Movement “Loving Life after Loss”, which now creates massive impact on a soul level around the world. With empathy and understanding, Marie gently picks up her clients from where they are at – with a whole lot of respect for their very unique journey – and leaves you with choices that are yours to make.

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Loving Life After Loss
Following the sudden death of her husband, a local Mum of two wants to help others cope with grief, find hope and rebuild a life with space for happiness and love again.

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