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Marie the Author

Loving Life after Loss® had been an incredible journey for Marie. It all started off with her first book, where she shared her story when her husband suddenly died - it was her Love Legacy to Rob. Little did she know that this book would rank in the top 100 bestseller list of Australia.

Seeing the impact of their story, Marie had founded a global movement under the same title, created healing journeys, programs and retreats, to share and teach her very own healing steps with people who were craving healing for their grief.

Marie often gets asked about recommendations for Grief Books, yet many of them focus on the loss rather than healing. So, in Happy Healing Marie told the continuum of her story with some hands on healing steps; and in the same month she presented her first TEDx talk Redefining our Image of a Widow

A fun part of Marie’s offerings was a daily newsletter with Sparks of Joy, also available as a prompted journal.

After having taken over 5,000 people onto their healing journey, Marie archived the group "Loving Life after Loss", which became a stepping stone to her current career as a Keynote Speaker.

You can find Marie’s books and those she co-authored, below:

Book reviews

Marie offers her own experiences and some tools to support you in this follow up book. It seems strange to say this, but Marie and the Loving Life After Loss members have validated my experience and my desire to view my life as an opportunity, not just a loss. I highly recommend doing the exercises Marie offers in this book and in her programs. They have opened my eyes to see things with a different perspective and have helped my healing. I cannot fathom where I would be right now if I hadn’t found Marie and the movement she started.