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Between grief and joy there is a vast space called healing! Welcome to that safe place to process your grief. You don't ever have to be alone on this journey. We are here to hold space for you and shower you with Love & support in a time where you struggle to ask for it, but need it the most.

This is not a replacement for grief counselling, it is a positive addition to your journey. I am here for you with an open heart and mind – even though we all have a different story to tell, we just get each other! Feel free to have a look around, or simply get in touch with me here!

Don’t know where to even start?

I hear you! That night after Rob passed, I experienced grief through a physical pain that was excruciating.
All I wanted was for that pain to stop.  🛑💔❤️‍🩹 It was so intense, I could hardly breathe…
I made a decision that night that altered the course of my life, our boyzz’ lives and hundreds of others'.

I captured the essence of it in 3 simple steps. A starting point for those experiencing this excruciating pain right now, and don’t know where to turn.

“Stop that Pain!” is instant self-help! You can start right now!

Below are further options to help you right now – trust your heart, since grief is truly personal!

The Movement

Grief is complicated enough.
We don’t need to succumb to society’s expectation around how to handle our emotions. We are here to do things differently – and you are not alone!

Blank Canvas

You have already done a certain amount of healing, yet in your heart you know there’s so much more. 8 weeks to Creation through Healing is a very empowering journey to share.

The Retreat

These incredible 3.5 days offer you deeper healing and a little bit of luxury. An unforgettable and life-changing experience of being looked after and nurtured to the core of your soul!

My way of dealing with grief

Rob & I were 45, in the “prime of our lives” how people love to call it. And then one phone call changed our world forever:
“I am sorry to inform you that your husband deceased in a hotel room in Perth this morning.”

It was like a needle scratching over the record player while playing our favourite happy song…

And in this deafening silence I sat, my mind racing a million miles an hour, while the whole world seemed to have stopped.

Yet in this very moment an unexpected strength kicked in – initially unnoticed, now impossible to ignore – that guided me every step of the way.

Little did I know that this was the seed planted for a global movement; the most beautiful Love Legacy for Rob.

Grief can be looked at from different perspectives. Listen to this:


In my weekly series I unpack different topics to kickstart your week and leave you a bit more empowered.

Each Monday I go live for 10-20 mins to share something meaningful with you that can shift your perpective.

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I have had the honour of interviewing people from around the world who bring a positive spin to the world of grief.

Some of them clients or other friends, others high-level speakers – all of them sharing very personal stories.

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