Marie Alessi

I had an epiphany shortly after my husband died: everything that happened leading up to that moment, had prepared me to not only cope with losing Rob, it was the beginning of a journey that was even bigger than the two of us; a journey full of Love beyond the physical realm, one of Hope, Empowerment and Inspiration. The influence Rob has had on my life continues to shine from within – and I love watching the seeds grow he planted in our boys! #hugegrin

I was born in Austria in 1972 as the 4th and youngest child of a family of 5. Growing up with 4 adopted siblings as the only one born into the family was challenging. Yet it gave me tools and skills that revealed their gifts later on in life; and it ignited an everlasting desire of searching for my most authentic self. I believe I have found it in Australia, deep within…

And something deep within my heart has also drawn me to come here many years ago, years before my first flight to Sydney in 1997. I finally felt home. My heart flourished, my perspectives changed, I had started the journey home to myself!

I followed my inner calling to meet my most authentic self!

Only 10 months after moving here, I met my husband – and through him a Love I had never felt in my life before – genuine, unconditional Love from the purest soul I was blessed to marry. We were gifted with 2 most precious and gorgeous boys, in 2008 and 2010 – or gentlemen in the making as I like to say.

My career took me from advertising to coaching, a journey into self-development that has been rewarding on so many levels. When Rob passed unexpectedly, I had been running Muse Coaching for 7+ years and I decided to close my Business down.

I felt I had nothing left to give and needed all my strength to get us from “emotional Survival” to “Functioning Mode” to “Loving Life after Loss”; and then I started my next chapter of being a Speaker, Author and Influencer. I felt the world needed what I had found: An inner peace and strength that was beyond words. I had found my gift within life’s biggest adversity thrown at us, and I am sharing it with the world through my Movement “Loving Life after Loss”.

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The Torch Bearers

  • I joined you 5 Day Heart to Heart program and I’ve already had a breakthrough after only one day…

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    Cherry Brice

  • I did the 5 Day Happiness Challenge and I just wanted to share how incredibly amazing it was…

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    Sarah Chojounian

  • I’ve just complete The Experience and I can’t speak more highly about this course…

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    Wade Quist

  • My life didn’t end when Bruce’s did” – thanks for reminding me of this so many times over ❤. I’ve learned so very much in first the 14 day journey & secondly the deeper 8 week experience. I learned about me, who I am at my core & the parts I want to shine in my new beginning. Moving into the next stage of life doesn’t seem scary anymore but in fact feels like an adventure. I can take steps to building a life with love as my guide & I have the tools to pick myself up when I stumble. I am me. I am capable. I have my superhero suit on!

    Shelyna Stefansson

  • Marie Alessi is a burst of positive and fresh energy in a world who has seemed to have lost its way. She is an inspiration and I am delighted to have connected with her. She is an asset to anyone on their personal growth journey. Highly recommended!!!

    Sarah Choujounian

  • I feel your course was a profound, profound help. You must be one of the most wonderful courageous strong brave human beings I’ve ever met and I’ll put you on my list of superheroes to watch learn a follow. You have an incredible strength and the hugest passionate heart.

    Timi Barnes

  • I just wanted to say to you that I have just finished reading your book and you have so inspired me. I cannot imagine what you have been through but I truly loved the way you chose to experience this… I couldn’t help but cry and smile at the same time.

    Lyndall Pinchen

  • Your challenges have been amazing and although unsettling in many ways, have and are helping me to see that life can be lovely after loss. I have literally sat with the letter all day. I have had my notepad close by and noted whatever came to mind and all through the day thought I can’t do this…! But I did and in my heart of hearts I know it would be what Norm would be saying to me. – Thank you

    Kathryn Pring