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Marie the Keynote Speaker

Marie the Keynote Speaker

Marie has the ability to transform the audience on a deep and profound level within just one hour. Grief is usually a rather heavy topic; Marie adds lightness and healing with her refreshingly positive authenticity, sharing straight from her heart, whilst building the bridge for the audience to join her. Read below for a testimonial after Marie's talk about "Embracing Anger":

I could disconnect myself from my negative experiences out of grief, and reimagine my life in ways I didn’t think possible and could only dream of! My anger literally dissolved after listening to you for just one hour!

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Grief is like a fingerprint left on your heart by those who touched it.

When Marie first learned about her husband’s passing, she made a decision within the first few minutes that would not only change her and their sons’ lives, it created a paradigm shift in the world of grief for thousands of people she touched with her journey.

It all started less than 3 years prior to Rob’s sudden death. A fatal accident caused Rob to take a detour on his way home from work. Later that night they learned that a young father had lost his life, being hit front on by a truck. It was that night that Marie and Rob had the “what if” conversation. The impact this heart-to-heart would have, was completely unknown to them both at the time.

Marie’s world was turned upside down by the phone call of a sergeant from the coroner’s office. When she was hugging their boys in the living room, sharing the life changing news, the key sentence of their conversation echoed in Marie’s head; she heard Rob’s voice: “If something was to ever happen to me, I would want you to create the happiest life possible for you and the boys!”

Expect a shift when you meet Marie. Expect empowerment, a journey to your deepest core. Expect the unexpected: healing, fulfillment, and all the things you never thought one could find in grief. It will turn your world upside down, the world as you now know it. Get ready to reimagine a life worth loving!

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Grief is like a finger print