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I am so glad you found us! You are safe here.

What I've learned about grief when growing up, was anything but helpful on my personal journey.
When I lost my dad at the age of 20, I fell apart.

Losing my husband has taken me on quite a different path – I'd never expected to find Love & empowerment in grief. It inspired me to open my heart, and shine my light brightly onto your path to healing! We've got you.

Let me ask you this: Do you feel like there's a big hole in your life?
Are you overwhelmed with emotional waves and loneliness?

It can feel like a black hole, draining every ounce of joy you had in your life, after the biggest adversity pulled the rug underneath your feet.
You feel numb and don't know how to stop the pain.

Let's start simple. What if we replace the word “loneliness” with “there is a huge space to fill”. Instead of “there’ll always be a hole in my heart” you say “there’ll always be a place in my heart!”.   We need to change our language in grief!
You can download my collection of the 10 most commonly used phrases below:

What if we find opportunity in adversity?

What if you can find your truest, purest, most beautiful and authentic self, that is made from all parts of you…

The childhood you, the wife, the mother, the friend, sister, dancer, artist, creator of joy, laughter and lightness – something that might seem incredibly far away from you right now, can be retrieved in Love, in a nurturing space.

I have some profound news for you: Healing through grief is possible – there is endless opportunity in grief, hidden gifts to be received; yet we need to allow ourselves to move to the “neutral space” first.

It’s the space between grief and happiness, where pain and joy walk hand in hand.
I call this “neutral space” Healing.

Rob and I had a clear wish for one another – for the unspeakable “what if”:
“I want you to create the happiest life possible for you and the boys!”

Having to share the harsh fact of my husband's sudden passing with our then 10 and 8 year old sons, made me decide something only moments after: to keep that promise Rob and I had declared for each other:
I chose HaPpiNeSs as our North Star.

Love is simple. ❤️
Love just wants you to be happy!

That afternoon, on our couch, previously filled with the most beautiful family memories, now overloaded with tears – I had no idea how to do that, yet I knew I would make that promise come alive.

It took all I had – my life experience from losing my dad at 20, as well as over a decade of practicing & teaching Mindset – and turned it into what I now call Loving Life after Loss.

We have been featured in media outlets such as Channel 7, Channel 9, Mamamia, Good Life Magazine, as well as on radio stations such as Good Grief with Cheryl Jones, on Voice of America and uncountable podcasts that I was honoured to share the Love on.

Yes, healing is possible. We work magic at our Loving Life after LossRetreats.
You won’t come back as the same lost person you might feel you are right now.

You might be questioning how this can apply to you; you might be tempted to experience such healing, yet still feel some disbelief. I want you to know, my heart is wide open for you – all I want for you is healing!

We’ve got you! Contact me for a confidential conversation and allow me to hold space for you!

Much Love x

The Movement

Grief is complicated enough.
We don’t need to succumb to society’s expectation around how to handle our emotions. We are here to do things differently. You're welcome to join us – you are not alone!

The Retreat

These incredible 3.5 days provide the perfect space for deeper healing and a little bit of luxury.
An unforgettable and life-changing experience of being looked after and nurtured to the core of your soul!


This is for you when you are not ready to allow others in. You have hit rock bottom and don't know where to start. There are simple tools to embark on a very empowering healing journey, in your own space & time!

My way of dealing with grief

Rob & I were 45, in the “prime of our lives” how people love to call it, when one phone call changed our world forever: “I am sorry to inform you that your husband deceased in a hotel room in Perth this morning.”

It was like a needle scratching over the record while playing our favourite happy song. Deafening silence left me reeling…

Only moments later, when delivering the most painful news to our two boys, an unexpected strength kicked in – initially unnoticed, now impossible to ignore – that guided me every step of the way.

Little did I know that this was the seed planted for something so much bigger than the two of us. Rob himself had given me the North Star that guided me onto a path, that led me to creating a global movement; the most beautiful Love Legacy for Rob.

Grief can be looked at from different perspectives. Listen to this:


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