Dearest Marie share my feedback please . I still can’t get over the profound realisation that hit me on day 2 . I haven’t even done the rest of the homework because I feel that I have to write it in Hungarian from my dad and really , the missing link for me was the day 2.

I got the news just today that I’ve been approved for a beautiful new rental, a real home in Figtree so I’m moving in 2 weeks. The chaos will stop right then and there heaps of storage at this new place.

I feel your course was a profound, profound help. You must be one of the most wonderful courageous strong brave human beings I’ve ever met and I’ll put you on my list of superheroes to watch learn a follow. You have an incredible strength and the hugest passionate heart.

No wonder you’ve found a Mediterranean Man. Rob was definitely there for you to mirror your passionate loving heart for you to become aware of who you are,a MAGNIFICENT BEING AND A HEALER it’s all true and I mean this 110% Grateful for your help advice and time .