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Loving Life after Loss

We were living that fairytale relationship – our friends fondly referred to us as “that couple”. Still falling in Love deeper by the year, 13 years into it. Yet the Love story I had written in my head never included his sudden passing. I count myself as one of the lucky ones. My heart is overflowing with countless memories. I spent my whole life with Rob being adored, nurtured and deeply loved. I never had any regrets.



I was 20 when I lost my dad to cancer; I had no idea how to cope with it. I wasn’t equipped back then. Looking back now, I learned one of the most important lessons throughout his passing though: Never leave anything unsaid when it comes to Love. It became an unwritten law, etched into my heart, that I live by daily.

I had an epiphany shortly after my husband died: everything that had happened leading up to that moment, had prepared me to not only cope with losing Rob, it was the beginning of a journey that was even bigger than the two of us; a journey full of Love beyond the physical realm, one of hope, empowerment and inspiration.

The influence Rob has had on my life continues to shine from within – and I love watching the seeds grow he planted in our boys!


Now, I want you to understand: when I say “Love beyond the physical realm” I also want to emphasise that I’m quite a down to Earth woman. My life is in the here & now – yet the gifts keep coming & I know where they come from! I call them “Hidden Gifts in Adversity”; our mission is to uncover them, so we can utilise them & share them with the world.

I love spreading Love. It is the one thing that keeps coming back to you tenfold. So when I shared our story in my book “Loving Life after Loss“, I did it out of Love. I wanted to offer hope to those who think their life is over after an adversity of such calibre. Our boys were only 10 & 8; I knew I wanted to be the most amazing & inspiring example for them to embrace life with all its highs & lows – and I wanted to make sure theirs was filled with more of the highs, happiness & bucketloads of Love.

What I didn’t expect was for my book to not only become an Amazon No.1 Bestseller, yet I also ranked in the Top 100 in Australia – overnight!

The Birth of “Loving Life after Loss”

A week after I took the boys on a trip around the world. We needed a break, lightness and new happy memories! The trip was incredible and so good for our souls – we still talk about it often…

One thing that came to mind during an interview was: this very Movement was born in the same town as me!!
I was sitting in the apartment in Vienna that I had handed over to my Mum when I moved to Australia, my boys were with me – and all of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling of “I've got something the world needs!”

Thinking back on the journey we had walked so far since Rob’s passing – and the incredible wave that my book “Loving Life after Loss” had caused – I felt in every cell of my body that this was so much more than just a book. I needed to allow this to grow into something way bigger!

I found incredible mentors along the way – and here we are. After opening the doors to our global Movement “Loving Life after Loss” on 19 March 19, I equally embarked on an immense healing journey myself. I created an upwards spiral… I healed, learned and taught. And along the way I met the most incredible people – some walked an intense part with me, others strolled along for a little while and some very blessed ones stayed with me until now. I’m saying this tongue in cheek, as I’m equally blessed!

I feel blessed and honoured to hold space for so many that come onto this healing journey with us. I have an incredible team of moderators, my Mod Squad, who I simply adore – they are invaluable to me and the work we offer in our Movement “Loving Life after Loss”!


From Grief to Relief

In this group you will not only find a lot of Love & support 24/7. There’s also a free healing journey that you can walk through at your own pace, called “From Grief to Relief”, as well as other helpful resources, videos & posts.

Join us here in “Loving Life after Loss“!

Here’s a little roadmap for the 7 day journey – yet as mentioned above: you choose your own pace!
As this journey is DIY, you can take as long as you like or do it faster. Trust your heart!


If you want this roadmap in a printable version, please get in touch with me and I will send it via email!

The Torchbearers

You heard a lot about the Movement and what we offer, I want you to hear directly from those who have experienced some or all the programs available for you. I feel truly honoured & humbled by their words!

Shelyna Stefansson

A year into my loss, when I was presented with the Blank Canvas program, I was excited! A blank canvas! What a concept!
All about me, and the possibilities of colouring my life with choices of my own design! And yes, of course I signed up.
I've now completed this beautiful program & I'm so grateful for everything that it gifted me. My canvas is filling up with dreams, potential, possibilities and soooo much more!
My heart is overflowing with gratitude to Marie and all that she has created to help others heal.
Thank you for this incredible gift Marie; for being such an inspiration to me, and anyone else that is ready to open the doors to their future!

Romana Hasenöhrl

Since I joined the Blank Canvas program I know that I am allowed to tell about my feelings, I am allowed to be vulnerable, I am allowed to say „It’s enough“ and I am allowed to stop being in permanent action when I feel that it’s enough.
We all know that losing an important person in your life is hard enough.
We don’t have to try to act „as usual“ just to satisfy others.
The loss of a loved one is a point in your life which shouts out loud: „Now change your life. From now on it’s all about you. Paint that Blank Canvas!“.
Please, do it.
This amazing program will change your life.

Terri Mattison-Davis

Marie thankyou so much for your energy & personal strength & how far you have come & encouraged us to come with you.
I truly want to encourage anyone here who is looking for the Loving of life after loss to engage in one of the many programs that Marie offers, they can be life changing in a positive & courageous way if you allow it to be.
I hope that this helps at least one person to take a little step forward in your life – painful, yes, at times but within this amazing group we find so much strength & support – sharing ourselves with each other.
In so many ways we are all here together for the right reason.

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