The Founder

Marie Alessi began her coaching journey in 2011. After 10 years in advertising she started a family with the love of her life and ventured onto the new path of self development. Little did she know that these 7 years of helping and inspiring others with their personal growth, would be the armour to face life’s biggest adversity thrown at her.

Marie lost her husband and father to their two boys in June 2018. Using her own tools and strong intuition, she paved her way back to HaPpiNeSs in a way that now ripples with massive impact around the world. Marie offers new perspectives that work on a soul level.

Every journey of Grief is as unique as the person experiencing it!

She founded a movement called “Loving Life after Loss”. With empathy and understanding, Marie gently picks up her clients from where they are at – with a whole lot of respect for their very unique journey. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to Loss. Yet there is a stigma around Grief that she peels back, layer by layer, to not get entangled in other’s expectations, yet honour your own needs and space.

Marie will offer you a different perspective on Life, Love and Grief and leave you with Choices that are yours to make.

The Movement