The Torch Bearers

  • I joined you 5 Day Heart to Heart program and I’ve already had a breakthrough after only one day…

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    Cherry Brice

  • I did the 5 Day Happiness Challenge and I just wanted to share how incredibly amazing it was…

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    Sarah Chojounian

  • I’ve just complete The Experience and I can’t speak more highly about this course…

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    Wade Quist

  • My life didn’t end when Bruce’s did” – thanks for reminding me of this so many times over ❤. I’ve learned so very much in first the 14 day journey & secondly the deeper 8 week experience. I learned about me, who I am at my core & the parts I want to shine in my new beginning. Moving into the next stage of life doesn’t seem scary anymore but in fact feels like an adventure. I can take steps to building a life with love as my guide & I have the tools to pick myself up when I stumble. I am me. I am capable. I have my superhero suit on!

    Shelyna Stefansson

  • Marie Alessi is a burst of positive and fresh energy in a world who has seemed to have lost its way. She is an inspiration and I am delighted to have connected with her. She is an asset to anyone on their personal growth journey. Highly recommended!!!

    Sarah Choujounian

  • I feel your course was a profound, profound help. You must be one of the most wonderful courageous strong brave human beings I’ve ever met and I’ll put you on my list of superheroes to watch learn a follow. You have an incredible strength and the hugest passionate heart.

    Timi Barnes

  • I just wanted to say to you that I have just finished reading your book and you have so inspired me. I cannot imagine what you have been through but I truly loved the way you chose to experience this… I couldn’t help but cry and smile at the same time.

    Lyndall Pinchen

  • Your challenges have been amazing and although unsettling in many ways, have and are helping me to see that life can be lovely after loss. I have literally sat with the letter all day. I have had my notepad close by and noted whatever came to mind and all through the day thought I can’t do this…! But I did and in my heart of hearts I know it would be what Norm would be saying to me. – Thank you

    Kathryn Pring