Sparks of Joy

These sparks have been lighting up my mind for a while – be it in times of global pandemic or very individual grief journeys – we all do need more JOY in our lives.

I understand that most of us believe to be time-poor, despite different perspectives around that! So, I created “Sparks of Joy” for you, in easily digestible little portions, aka sparks: simply 3-5 lines, which I figured out to be highly recommendable as a daily dose*.

You can subscribe here, in the box below! Note: please watch out for the confirmation email to start receiving your “Sparks of Joy” (if you can't find it, please check your Spam folder!!).

*Can be taken with or without your morning cuppa ♥

Note: Our JOY is also available in our merchandise section, to be worn or on your favourite mug…
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***New*** Sparks of Joy JOURNAL!


Our Sparks of Joy are now also available as a journal. It has been such a project of Love for me, putting this together. It is the perfect present for yourself and others! You can purchase your copies here.

300 pages full of positivity, Love and encouragement! Every day has got a different prompt, which is adorned with the cutest emojis and little images. You'll love it!

The journal is available as hardcover or paperback. (Australia does not support hardcover atm!)

I love Love!

And I love JOY. We need both, daily. I have seen a few people send daily messages or inspirations – and over the years I only ever stuck to those that were short enough to “read them on the go”, otherwise it gets too much quite quickly!

What I am aiming for is to ignite something with these sparks that continues to grow brighter within you, so we can all light up the world together. Even the brightest fire is lit by one spark. May my Sparks of Joy ignite the brightest light within you, so you can inspire others along your journey.

Please feel free to send them on, share them & invite others to sign up too.

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