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Grief is individual. No two stories are the same; every roller coaster has different turns.
The world stood still when I received the news… Everything appeared in slow motion…

And then it became apparent rather quickly that we handled our adversity very differently to what society offers.
In “Loving Life after Loss” I share our story. How we met, fell in Love – how Rob passed & how I used Love as my eternal power source. This was the key to not only getting through the days, but to allowing happiness and joy back into our life.
This book challenges the stigma of grief and is full of new perspectives and ideas for healing.
In “Happy Healing” I share how our story continues… After “Loving Life after Loss” became a bestseller and ranked in the top 100 of Australia, I knew deep down I had something the world needed.
So, what happened after I decided to share hope into the world? Read about our trip around the world, the birth of a global Movement and experience some hands-on healing tools as practical examples!
Rob's highest priority in life was his family. He would put me on a pedestal at any chance presented. Love means wanting the other person to be happy. It is really that simple!

Wear it – own it!

Let me tell you a little story… It all started off with our first Healing Retreat. I surprised my guests with their own Loving Life after Loss T-Shirts.
Next thing I knew, people reached out to me after watching our live video that we shared straight from the retreat location, asking whether these shirts were available for purchase – and a few private messages later, I decided to offer our very own merchandise line! Our first design of course had to be “Loving Life after Loss”.
And only recently we added a new design, inspired by our newsletter “Sparks of Joy” (which you can subscribe to for super short daily inspirations!).

I am (not so) secretly in Love with our “Puppal” from Sparks of Joy – click below to check her out!


I believe it to be so important to set a sign in a world where the focus is all too often still on the hurt, the suffering – and the staying stuck in grief.

Our designs are an expression of hope & joy – own it!

Let us change the stigma of grief – let's allow Love, joy & happiness back in.
Much Love x

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