Grief is like a fingerprint left on your heart by those who touched it.

Every single encounter with grief – to the outside world it seems so similar – yet just like each fingerprint, when you look closely, none of them are the same. And almost every one of you will experience it at some stage in your life.

When you enter the world of Grief Revolution, expect a shift. Expect empowerment, a journey to your deepest core. Expect the unexpected: healing, fulfillment, and all the things you never thought one could find in grief. It will turn your world upside down, the world as you now know it.

Bild ist PLATZHALTER – so könnten wir auf die Angebote verlinken!!!!

Bild ist PLATZHALTER – so könnten wir auf die Angebote verlinken!!!!

Bild ist PLATZHALTER – so könnten wir auf die Angebote verlinken!!!!

Yet make no mistake: not everyone will choose to enter this world. Some feel more comfortable with the uncomfortable, which is a paradox in itself, as one of the meanings of comfort, is found in the dictionary to be easing of grief. In other words: many people choose what society offers.


Expect a shift. When Marie first learned about her husband’s passing, she made a decision within the first few minutes, that would not only change her and her sons’ lives, it created a paradigm shift in the world of grief for thousands of people she touched with her journey.


It all started less than 3 years prior to Rob’s sudden death. A fatal accident caused Rob to take a detour on his way home from work. Later that night they learned that a young father had lost his life, being hit front on by a truck. And it was that night that Marie and Rob had the “what if” conversation. The impact this heart-to-heart would have, was completely unknown to them both at the time.


When Marie’s world was turned upside down by the phone call of a sergeant from the coroner’s office, when she was hugging her boys in the living room, the key sentence of their conversation echoed in Marie’s head. She heard Rob’s voice: “If something was to ever happen to me, I would want you to create the happiest life possible for you and the boys!”