Blank Canvas

After I hosted our first healing retreat for “Loving Life after Loss”, I slid into a bit of a burnout situation.
It was so subtle at first, I didn’t even notice.
And because I had facilitated and co-hosted retreats before, I truly thought I was well prepared.
Turned out I was well prepared for the retreat – yet I wasn’t prepared for the aftermath! So, I decided to take 3 weeks off. Without warning I handed my group over to my incredible Mod Squad & I allowed myself to take a break.

On day 1 of my break, the creative juices started flowing. I set myself the task to sit with what really lights me up – and only focus on that! 

And literally within a day the concept of the “Blank Canvas” was born. I thought “what if we looked at our adversity as a blank canvas, rather than staying stuck in a cycle of pain? I knew this would have to come with a lot of healing; and I also understood that once you have healed something, there’s usually a burst of creation, which comes from all the energy you released, that is no longer required to deal with intense pain.

So, I decided to create a program to lead you into creation, through healing. I was on fire! The idea warmed my heart & filled me with so much excitement! I still allowed myself to take the entire 3 weeks off and nurture my sole to the core.

Oh, you’d like to know what “Blank Canvas” is all about?

Here is a bit of an insight for what we cover in the 8 weeks. A sneak peek behind the scenes…
Basically there are 3 levels and each of them has two steps:


Circle of Comfort

The first module picks you up from your Status Quo and takes you through checking your current environment in terms of Space & People – making sure you have the best support around you to create what you want!

In the next step we dive deep into “Broken Trust Repair”. Something we desperately need to look at in order to move forward.

Finding Purpose

Working through our deepest fears, checking in with what we lack in life right now and finding ways to allow our emotions to be seen, acknowledged and healed.

Then we look at how our Family System has been affected. Discover what our learned Identity is and unveil our driver behind it all.

What are our true needs?

Let’s Create

Here's where we shift your perspective in order to create a chain-reaction of healing!

We unwrap hidden gifts and learn how to apply those. And in the final part we are piecing it all together and move into creation.

Imagine what your life will look like with physical, emotional & financial health?!

How to move forward after loss

“Blank Canvas” is by application only! I want to make sure you’re ready for this program, as we run it in very small groups of max. 6 people.

• If you're on the lookout for more support on your next step of your healing journey
• If you have healed a lot and still feel “there's more”
• If you don't know “where to next”

Then let's have a chat!

Book a call with me here when you are ready to move forward after loss: I want in!

Here’s what participants say about Blank Canvas

Shelyna Stefansson

A year into my loss, when I was presented with the Blank Canvas program, I was excited! A blank canvas! What a concept! All about me, and the possibilities of colouring my life with choices of my own design! And yes, of course I signed up.
I've now completed this beautiful program & I'm so grateful for everything that it gifted me. My canvas is filling up with dreams, potential, possibilities and soooo much more!
My heart is overflowing with gratitude to Marie and all that she has created to help others heal.
Thank you for this incredible gift Marie; for being such an inspiration to me, and anyone else that is ready to open the doors to their future!

Romana Hasenöhrl

Since I joined the Blank Canvas program I know that I am allowed to tell about my feelings, I am allowed to be vulnerable, I am allowed to say „It’s enough“ and I am allowed to stop being in permanent action when I feel that it’s enough.
We all know that losing an important person in your life is hard enough.
We don’t have to try to act „as usual“ just to satisfy others.
The loss of a loved one is a point in your life which shouts out loud: „Now change your life. From now on it’s all about you. Paint that Blank Canvas!“.
Please, do it.
This amazing program will change your life.

Terri Mattison-Davis

Marie thankyou so much for your energy & personal strength & how far you have come & encouraged us to come with you.
I truly want to encourage anyone here who is looking for the Loving of life after loss to engage in one of the many programs that Marie offers, they can be life changing in a positive & courageous way if you allow it to be.
I hope that this helps at least one person to take a little step forward in your life – painful, yes, at times but within this amazing group we find so much strength & support – sharing ourselves with each other.
In so many ways we are all here together for the right reason.

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