The Movement

“Loving Life after Loss” is for people who have experienced Loss in any way! We urge you not to compare any form of Loss. This space is designed to catch you when you fall, a place that promotes Positivity, Hope, Love & Happiness after adversity.

The Movement offers plenty of choices & opportunities to move forward – whilst neither neglecting nor staying stuck in your Grief. Guilt does not serve us!

We offer an environment that is very non-judgemental, yet encouraging to find a way forward through your Grief. You can find a beautiful way of releasing what you feel, give your indescribable pain a voice, yet at the same time receive support on various levels to move through your hurt – You pick what suits You!

Allowing is a very empowering concept!

On our path of Grief, we tend to find it more natural to allow Pain, Suffering, Hurt & Tears… Yet we struggle to allow Happiness or Joy back in, as we are confronted with Guilt!

What we need is to allow all of it. My focus is on assisting with the “allowing Joy & Happiness” part back into your life, while you control the speed – step by step.
Your Loved ones would want you to!

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